The Careers Office offers valuable information and counselling to University students and graduates on educational issues and career options and opportunities. It creates a bond between the academic community, employers and the world of business.

The team of the Careers Office:

  • provide information on the labour market and counselling
  • inform about job vacancies and internships in the public and private sectors
  • offer valuable information about graduate programmes in Greece or other countries
  • help students/graduates find out about available scholarships in Greece and abroad
  • provide guidance on mobility and Lifelong Learning programmes, training seminars and conferences
  • publish educational and career-related articles and information material
  • organise events, workshops, seminars and “Career Days” welcoming companies and organisations to participate
  • draw up graduate employability and outcomes surveys – the results are used for actions planning and implementation in collaboration with companies
  • offer students tips and guidelines about CV writing and job interviews