Instructors PD 407/80

Chrisoula Voskopoulou

Chrisoula Voskopoulou graduated from the School of Architecture, AUTH, (1992). She obtained her PhD from the School of Architecture, AUTH, (2006), she has a postgraduate degree with specialization in Marketing Management M.Sc. Cultural units (EAP, 2010), and she has a postgraduate degree on a scholarship from I.K.Y., with specialization in “History, theory and criticism of architecture”. She was an Architecture Engineer in the Technical Services Division SE Florina, (2000-2009), the Head of the Directorate of Culture Tourism of Southeast Florina, (2010), and the Assistant Head for Development Regional Unity of Florina (2011-2013). She was also an Instructor (PD N. 407/80) in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Western Macedonia (2006-2016). She has participated in Greek and international conferences concerning architecture, cultural heritage management, promotion of tourism and regional development. She is a member of TEE of the Greek department of ICOMOS, ICOM, and she is also a Committee member of artworks P.E. Florina, U.W.M. She has published in conferences proceedings, journals and meetings at local, regional and international level in the topics of history, promotion and management of architectural heritage.

Elena Efeoglou

Visual Artist / Photographer. ΒFΑ Painting, School of Fine Arts, AUTH, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts. MFA Photography, Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. Photography classes from the University of Edinburgh and Teaching methods for in-gallery museum education from the Museum Of Modern Art, NY.  PhD Candidate at the Department of Fine Arts, University of Western Macedonia. She has participated in exhibitions, conferences, workshops and art residencies in Greece and abroad.


Filippos Kalamaras

He works as a Sculptor-Video Artist. He teaches at the 3-Dimensional Applications / Installation and Decorative Arts Studio of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts in Florina, and he taught Digital Arts in the same Department the years 2006-2011. He has a degree in Sculpture from Loughborough University School of Art and Design in England, and a Masters Degree (MSc) in Contemporary Art and Art Theory from Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. He participates in marble and sculpture symposia and has also participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and he also regularly publishes material in art magazines and publications. He is a member of the Board and an Editor in Chief of the Dimitris Kalamaras Foundation, a National Endowment whose main purpose is the promotion of art education and the research in the Teaching Methodology of Art.

Tasos Protopsaltou

He was born in Veria in 1980. He studied Stage Design and Costume Design, Performing Arts, Film, and Fine Arts. He was a scholar of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, the National Film School in Rome, and in Sannio Film Festival. He was also involved in Set Design and Costume Design for Opera, Ballet and Theater, and he has participated in international Lyric productions. His research interests are focused on the relations of Performing and Fine Arts, on artistic transcription of dramaturgy in the context of the performance phenomenon, as well as in the History of Opera, with emphases on its stage and costume gamut throughout the ages. He has taught, published and lectured internationally.

Eftichis Pirovolakis

Eftichis Pirovolakis teaches philosophy and aesthetics at the University of Western Macedonia and the Hellenic Open University. Since 2001, he has taught a range of graduate and postgraduate courses at the Universities of Sussex and Brighton in the UK, and the Universities of Crete and Patras in Greece. His research focuses on twentieth-century continental philosophy and, more specifically, on the relation between hermeneutics, phenomenology and deconstruction. Pirovolakis is the author of Reading Derrida and Ricoeur: Improbable Encounters between Deconstruction and Hermeneutics (SUNY Press, 2010). He has published articles in, among other international and Greek journals, Philosophy Today and Literature, Interpretation, Theory.

Dimitra Siaterli

Dimitra Siaterli was born in Argos in 1952. She has degrees in Painting and Decoration (Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna). She has been involved in every field that belongs to the Fine Arts, and she has also undertaken multiple activities in the field of Engraving. In 1977 she and Pino Pandolfini founded the “Athens Engraving Center”, an organization that collaborates with artists and cultural organizations for publications, printings, seminars and exhibitions in the field of engraving. She was especially involved in artistic interventions, both in private and public places, as well as in art events, contributing also with other forms of art. Since 1975 she has made 30 individual presentations, with many of them being presented in group, Greek and international events. She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts, a founding member of “Team Printmaking Centre” of the Greek Engravers, and also a member of the team EN FLO. Her works can be found in Greek and international museums and collections. She has been teaching as Adjunct Professor at the School of Fine and Applied Arts in Florina (UWM) since 2010.

Chris Boikos

Chris Boikos was born in Greece , he studied grafhic and applied arts   (Technical Education Institute, Athens). He worked as artist in the field of graphic arts in Athens and Florina, for ten years.

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