Learning Goals of the Fine Arts Diploma

Learning Goals of the Fine Arts Diploma (MA) awarded by the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia

The knowledge and skills acquired by the department’s graduates comply with the European and National Higher Education Qualifications Framework and the European Charter of Higher Education.

Specifically, the learning goals are the following:

a) the cultivation and promotion of knowledge in the areas of painting, sculpture and applied arts, in photography, video, digital art forms (animation, 3D animation), illustration, in design and decoration,

b) a solid training for an artistic, scientific and professional career;

c) pedagogical skills for the teaching of art s in primary and secondary education

(d) academic and professional qualifications in line with the prospects of the international academic and wider professional environment in the field of education, culture and research

(e) the introduction of new innovative approaches in the field of art through its connection with other disciplines, such as digital technologies, the environment and the formation of a new environmental consciousness and ethics, and finally, the promotion of interdisciplinarity and research cooperation

(f) the development of artistic and research work through active participation in exhibitions and artistic events and collaborations, in line with the integration of art in other social fields, such as science and technology.

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