The Department of Fine and Applied Arts situated in Florina was founded, according to the Presidential Decree 181/31, in August 2006. The beginning of the Department’s academic course and the registration of the first students where in the academic year 2006-7.

The Department is bestowed with the following mission by the founding Presidential Decree:

  1. To cultivate and promote the required knowledge relevant to the scientific fields of painting, sculpture and applied Arts, and more specifically video-photography, digital arts (animation, 3D motion pictures), illustration, the study and design of contemporary items of industrial production and decoration. Special attention is given to the rise of cultural legacy and its influence from the major conjectural European trends.
  2. To provide to all the students the necessary tools in order to insure their future artistic, scientific and professional career, and
  3. To provide also special training and guidance to the students for the purpose of teaching artistic courses in schools of primary and secondary education.

The graduate students of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, through their specialized scientific knowledge, can be occupied in bodies of the public or private sector that have to do with art, in one or more fields of art offered by the Department. Furthermore, they have the option of working in the educational system or as practicing artists.

In Greece, in order to be hired in the educational sector, it is necessary to own a Certificate of Educational Efficiency, which is given to the graduates of the Department.

Head of the Department

Antonios Tourlidakis, Professor

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