“Gounari” Building, design: Achilleas Stoios, architect

“Gounari” Building, architectural measure drawing: Achilleas Stoios, architect


Artists interested in mapping projection from Greece and abroad are invited to participate in the action “DIKTIA” funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture in the context of the project “Extroversive cultural actions of the University of Western Macedonia” and organized by the Institute of Audiovisual Arts (IAVA) of the University Research Center “TEMENUS” of the University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) in collaboration with the Department of Fine and Applied Arts (TEET) of UOWM. The action “DIKTIA” is a mapping projection event that will take place on December 17 and 18 2021, in the city of Florina on the Gounari building. It aims to connect the history and the unique architecture of the building with a special spectacle in which  artists from all over the world will have the opportunity to present their work in one of the most historical and significant locations of the city.

Important Dates:

Deadline for applications: 21-11-2021 28/11/2021  05/12/2021  

At this stage the submission concerns a sample of the final material (approximately 15 seconds ).

Link of Application form: HERE

Announcement of successful applications: 23/11/2021 01-12-2021  07/12/2021

Deadline for the submission of the final work: 10/12/2021  14/12/2021

Guidelines for submitting the final material will be send to the successful applicants.


Selection criteria

The selection of the participating projects will be carried out by a three-member committee appointed by the organizers. The selection criteria are based on the quality of the content, the graphics and the sound (if any), as well as the quality of the visual relationship that the graphics develop with the architecture of the building.


-Mapping play-out will be the responsibility of the organizers.

-The duration of the final audio-video material is from minimum 2:00 to maximum 5:00 minutes.

-Format: AUDIO-VIDEO MP4, Video resolution 1920 X 1080px with titles/credits.


The building


Download the designs of the building : here

The exact location of the building : here

The Gounari Building was built in 1904 at the junction of 103 Eleftherias Avenue with Bizaniou Street next to the river of Florina. It is a rectangular two-storey building with a basement and is morphologically a remarkable example of the influence of French classicism. Various reuses have taken place during the years due to its privileged position and, especially, its size (e.g. as a Metropolitan Cathedral, Guardhouse, building the Educational Association “Aristotle” etc.). The different functions over the years of the building constitute an important document of the economic, cultural and social history of the area.

Terms of Submission:  Link

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