Video Art Festival


The International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media, Athens Video Art Festival invites artists from all over the world to participate in its 10th anniversary edition that will take place in May 2014.

How can one balance the distance between the edges of contemporary social and historical reality? Is this question pointless?naive? Or even hollow? A close observation of everyday life is required to identify that the EDGE is a central motif of our everyday reference.New dipoles arise constantly as people deny what they cannot comprehend. The defined limit is a result of a compromise between those two: what a team is claiming for itself and what others want to accredit. A collectivity can operate by accepting a certain degree of multiplicity.What causes the separation – the limit – is the desire for differentiation. At first, this rapid emergence of the edges, in a wider frame of reference, is evident and multilayered: the edges coexist and collide with devastating or beneficial consequences.Just like two chemical elements, from the moment they are combined neither of them can be the same again. This year’s edition, is not based on statements. It suggests, though, different readings of the same story, based on a paradox:the vague and ambiguous but thoroughly entrenched boundaries between the different practices of new media.Athens Video Art Festival 2014 will bring together people of different practices and through collaboration will attempt to blur their boundaries anticipating an unpredictable and subversive outcome.
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